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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Karl Rove’s ‘big, fat backside’

Unlike our coward-in-chief, Rep. John Murtha served his country in war. Unlike Vice President Dick Cheney, Murtha did not hide behind multiple deferments. And unlike Karl Rove, Murtha knows what war really means.

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The truth about Iraq

Forget the lies that spill out of the White House like verbal diarrhea. You know, the ones that claim conditions in Iraq are improving. The U.S. Embassy in Iraq says otherwise.

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Bush doesn’t listen to polls

President Bush understands there is growing U.S. concern over his handling of the Iraq war but will not rely on polls to determine when to withdraw troops, his spokesman said Sunday.

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Hillary’s rhetoric turns national

A recent fundraising letter from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is seeking re-election this year in New York, does not mention the state, but it slips eight references to “America” or “Americans” into two pages.

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