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Monday, January 25, 2021

No indictment for Rove

Putting to rest a month-long rumor published by a left-wing web site, prosecutors in the CIA leak case has told White House political guru Karl Rove he will not be charged in the CIA leak case.

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Why we need to get it right the first time

Wen Ho Lee, an atomic scientist wrongly accused of espionage and vilified by press reports that depended on bad sources, won court judgments against the federal government and five media organizations recently but all the money in the world cannot ease the nightmare he suffered for the past nine years.

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To the contributors go the spoils

A well-connected Texas oil man needs an environmental rule relaxed. So he writes a letter to his good friend Karl Rove and, presto, the rule is relaxed. Just another example of the best government money can buy.

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Staged media event

Leave it to George W. Bush to try and capitalize on the death of a has-been al-Qaida leader by staging a so-called "strategy" retreat that is such an obvious media event that even the media ain’t buying.

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Prostituting the World Cup

I was taken aback when I learned about the German government’s sanctioning of its prostitution industry and the industry’s greedy wish to cash in on the flood of some 3.5 million tourists (mainly men) for the World Cup.

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The rapid rise and fall of Katherine Harris

For one brief shining moment, Katherine Harris was the Republicans’ hero. “St. Katherine” would not be putting it too strongly, As Florida secretary of state, Harris played a pivotal role in getting them into the White House, running the recount that gave George W. Bush the 2000 election.

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Don’t count your votes before they’re cast

The poll numbers are so bleak for congressional Republicans these days that Democrats already have started arguing over who will get what committee chairmanship when the House returns to their control after the November midterm elections. Surveys show the president and his party trailing in almost every category of voter, from Catholics to Wal-Mart shoppers.

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Libs see opportunity in Bush’s slide

The struggles of President George W. Bush and Republicans have eroded the influence of conservative political ideas and given liberals a new chance to shape the debate ahead of November’s elections, left-wing activists said on Monday.

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