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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Not a question of if, but when

War spending must be reined in. Pork-barrel legislation and “bridges to nowhere” have simply got to be reined in, too. If not, the chances of this being a soft-landing recession won’t be much higher than those of finding Osama bin Laden anytime soon.

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Feeling sorry for the CIA

I have many good friends in U.S. intelligence. There were times in my career in the British Foreign Service when I could not have functioned so effectively without the help of these shadowy officials. And most of those times, there was no particular reason why they should have helped me.

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Rewriting history

What’s disturbing is how a person in a position of considerable public influence can simply concoct an imaginary past to suit the propaganda needs of the present war.

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First real test of voter sentiment

A hard-fought U.S. House election in California that could offer clues about voter sentiment before November’s midterm election highlights a busy day of voting in eight states on Tuesday.

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