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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Coulter’s legal woes

Ann Coulter, the rabid right-wing Republican bomb thrower who gives blondes an even worse reputation, is up to her skinny keister of trouble because she violated Florida election law by knowingly voting in the wrong precinct — a felony in the Sunshine State. So she’s hired some high-priced and high-placed legal talent.

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Out of the mouths of overage babes

Now let’s see if we have this straight. Katie Couric, the princess of perkiness, the diva of dilettantes, the concubine of cuteness, claims she will put an end to the "pretentious era" when she takes over anchoring the CBS Evening News?

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Another bribe-taking Congressman claims he’s innocent

The latest Congressman to get caught taking bribes and kickbacks, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis, claimed Friday he has not been contacted by federal investigators in their probe of his relationship with a lobbyist and benefactor whose firm’s clients include Lewis’ hometown and home county.

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The politics of anti-terrorism funding

Homeland Security’s latest formula for allocating $1.7 billion in anti-terrorist funds seems more than strange and more than a little politically driven. The security grants for New York City and Washington, D.C., the two cities actually attacked on 9/11, were cut by 40 percent.

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