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Friday, December 3, 2021

Out, out damn truth!

As more and more information comes in on the Jason Leopold-Truthout Karl Rove indictment non-story, it looks more and more like the story was without truth. Our sources within the Patrick Fitzgerald investigation, ones who have proven reliable in the past, tell us Rove wasn’t indicted 10 days ago and may never be indicted (even though Fitzgerald still considers him a target). If an indictment is to come, it has not come yet. The case, they say is incomplete.

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So soon?

Hurricane season begins June 1, with the U.S. coast from North Carolina to Texas again at above-average risk, but coastal residents can take modest comfort in the knowledge that the federal government’s response to any havoc-wreaking storm will be under a microscope.

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An unhealthy dependence

Here’s something to ponder: If we manage to expel all the illegal immigrants from south of the border, who’s going to build the fence to keep them out?

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An immigration lesson for all

In his address to the nation last week on immigration, President Bush highlighted the patriotism of Guadalupe Denogean, a Mexican-born man who joined the Marines more than a quarter century ago and got his wish for U.S. citizenship in 2003 after being seriously wounded in Iraq.

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Could be another blowhard year

The upcoming hurricane season won’t be as busy as last year’s record-shattering 28 tropical storms, but the Atlantic and Gulf coasts are still at above-average risk for new poundings, forecasters said Monday.

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Scandal-ridden law firm is big Democratic donor

Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman LLP, the securities class action law firm indicted last week on fraud charges stemming from corporate lawsuits it filed, made large political contributions almost exclusively to Democrats since 1999, records show.

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