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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Obama talks politics, Murtha regrets delay

Americans spend a lot of time in their politics talking about the issues that divide them even though they have many common interests, says Sen. Barack Obama, whose new book explores the problems he sees as inherent to national politics.

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So much crime, so little time

For the first time since the Abscam scandal a quarter-century ago, multiple lawmakers face criminal and ethics investigations that are tarnishing Congress, already low on public approval.

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Israel’s border plan draws fire

Jewish organizations and leaders in the U.S. are divided over Israel’s plan to redraw the country’s borders on its own if it cannot quickly negotiate peace with the Palestinians, and are giving the White House conflicting advice about whether to support or fund the effort.

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FBI raids Congressman’s office

FBI agents searched the congressional office of Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana Saturday evening in connection with a public corruption investigation that has already netted two guilty pleas by two associates, authorities said.

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