In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Thursday, December 2, 2021

The DaVinci bomb

From the critics’ reaction to director Ron Howard’s The DaVinci Code, it looks like Opie forgot a major rule of filmmaking: If you’re going to make a controversial movie, at least make it a good one.

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Killing the messenger

The foundation of freedom in this country is a free press. The foundation of George W. Bush’s plan to ruin the county is elimination of a free press.

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Where’s Jimmy?

Legendary Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975 and the FBI has never been able to turn up a single clue as to where his body might be buried (theories have ranged from chopped into pieces and dumped in Lake Michigan to buried in Giant Stadium). Now the feds are digging up a farm just 15 miles away from where he disappeared.

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Too little too late?

A reluctant Bush administration finally provided Congress with a broader look at its controversial domestic-spying program Wednesday as frustrated senators said they should have been given oversight “a long time ago.”

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Bush raises big bucks for GOP

President Bush helped raise $17 million for the Republican Party Wednesday, a welcome financial boost amid GOP gloom over the possible loss of majority control of Congress in November.

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House cuts deal for limited corruption investigation

In a burst of activity that ended 16 months of political gridlock, the House ethics committee Wednesday launched a flurry of investigations _ focusing on a Republican linked to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and a Democrat at the center of a separate bribery probe.

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Jesus was smart enough to avoid marriage

Married people, especially the gallant husbands among them, know full well what Jesus’ wife would have said to him: “When are you going to stop walking around the country with those dozen bum friends of yours and a get a real job? Disciples? Don’t make me laugh! Loafers, more like it. And when are you going to dress for success? That cloak-and-sandals look is so shabby and I can hardly stand to see the neighbors stare. And will you preach with a bit more caution? We have to live in Nazareth, you know.”

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