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Saturday, January 22, 2022

New boss, same as the old boss

Things won’t change in Congress if the Democrats take over. We will just replace one cadre of crooks, scoundrels, con-artists and thieves with another. Democrats and Republicans are an equal match when it comes to moral lapses, ethical challenges and lust for power.

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Politics can be a mother

Rarely have I read anything as absurd as Caitlin Flanagan’s essay in the May 8 issue of Time, in which she claims she’s being driven out of the Democratic Party because she’s a housewife.

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God’s role

A former U.S. secretary of state has dared to write a bold book suggesting that God does have a role in international policy, that religion’s influence on policy is real, profound, cannot be ignored and thus must be harnessed to become a force for good.

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What news is worth

The cost of what you get in newsprint alone can be more than the change you dig out of your pocket at a newspaper rack. You should then calculate the worth of the local, state, national and world news, the reports on sports, entertainment, the arts and a wide variety of lifestyle issues, the commentary and analysis on politics, the comics. And don’t forget the shopping information in the ads, which in effect subsidize your purchase.

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Republicans go into survival mode

Republicans “are operating under survival instincts,” a Republican congressional leader said on Tuesday in acknowledging public discontent with his party before November’s election.

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