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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Senate votes to protect pork

The Senate voted Tuesday to protect home-state projects added by some of its most senior members to an Iraq war and hurricane relief funding bill as the tide turned against efforts by spending hawks to strip them out.

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Reid may filibuster judicial nominees

The Senate’s top Democrat on Tuesday said he is considering a filibuster of two of President Bush’s judicial nominees, saying one may have been involved in the administration’s policy on torture and the other ruled in a case in which he had a clear conflict of interest.

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Under Republican rule, rich get richer and poor stay poor

In absolute terms the poor are just as poor as they were a generation ago, while a middle class family’s annual share of the last quarter century’s worth of economic growth allows it to buy one extra tank of gas every three months. Meanwhile, in relative terms, both groups are far poorer: indeed, compared to the rich, most Americans are now only half as well-off as they were during the Carter presidency.

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Stupid is as stupid does

This is mindless thinkology that stands conservative ideology on its ear. At the very moment that the market-based incentive is working wonderfully, it is to be scrapped. Perhaps angry prospective car buyers may turn away from the hybrids and back to the guzzlers. That will hurt America’s effort to cut consumption of foreign oil — a quest that has become a national security imperative.

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War on the cheap

The Iraq war has been the war fought on the cheap – not enough body armor, not enough armor on vehicles, not enough night vision equipment.

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