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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Time to reclaim our America

We cannot, and must not, allow this destruction of a once-great nation called America to continue.  A country founded on resistance to tyranny must, once again, stand up for basic, inalienable rights like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Using the ‘Net as a tool for revenge

Every teacher can recall times when a student has tried to get even. But the revenge assumes a new dimension online, where children raised in front of the computer often hold the upper hand. From New York to California, students are facing suspension, expulsion and even criminal charges for online spoofs targeted at teachers and school officials.

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Remembering a hero

Dec. 16, 1960, was my 14th birthday, and death day for 135 as United collided with TWA in the sky over New York. The United DC-8 screamed like a giant buzz-bomb into Sterling Place, near Seventh Avenue, a block of brownstone homes in the Park Slope section of the greatest borough on earth – Brooklyn – smashing Pillar of Fire Church to kingdom come.

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The real tragedy at Duke

Even if the Duke boys shake the rape charge, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for them. You can see them going through life like it’s all one big fraternity party. The sense one gleans of why they’re getting a university education is to acquire a pedigree and technical skills so they can afford the accoutrements for the party.

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Meaningless boycotts

The immigrant demonstrations of a few weeks ago showed that the newcomers to the United States, invited or not, have picked up nicely on our rights of free speech and assembly. But large-scale protests have a way of making points different from what their sponsors intended, as witness the public backlash against the widespread display of Mexican flags in those earlier demonstrations.

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Powell knocks Rice off message

Just back from Baghdad and eager to discuss promising developments, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice found herself knocked off message Sunday, forced to defend prewar planning and troop levels against an unlikely critic – Colin Powell, her predecessor at the State Department.

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