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Friday, December 3, 2021

Senate panel wants FEMA replaced

In a critique of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, a Senate panel on Thursday will urge that the heavily criticized Federal Emergency Management Agency be replaced with a new agency.

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GAO says FEMA can’t control fraud, waste

With hurricane season approaching, FEMA is destined to repeat million-dollar mistakes of disaster aid waste and fraud unless it can quickly establish controls for verifying names and addresses, congressional investigators say.

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Rebuilding a life

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Karen Edmonson was a drug abuser by age 11, a high school dropout by 10th grade and a convicted drug dealer by 21. Even after a year in prison, she relapsed into drinking and cocaine and was weighing whether to start dealing again.

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Energy policy? What energy policy?

President Bush prides himself on being a “plain-spoken fella,” but a few straightforward words he uttered earlier this year still have a lot of people perplexed about his energy policy.

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Playing politics with gas prices

President Bush and lawmakers from both parties vied with one another Tuesday to demonstrate their concern over escalating gasoline prices in a barrage of speeches, news conferences and bill introductions.

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The decider in chief: Drunk with power

A drunk: That’s the title George W. Bush deserves most. He is a drunk even if he doesn’t get blasted on booze. He’s drunk with power and that’s the most dangerous kind of drunk. When a drunk who gets high on power sits in the White House, the rest of us wake up with the hangover.

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Just another scam at 1600 Penn

The so-called shakeup is cosmetic, a reshuffling of the same power players who have advised and served Bush’s agenda of false optimism, fake assessments and outright deceit since they took over the West Wing on January 21, 2001.

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