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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Partisans: American’s REAL enemy

Political parties and ideological groups today are dominated by extremists who insist in absolute lockstep by those who belong to their party or cause. Individual thought is verboten. Debate is forbidden. Disagreement becomes grounds from expulsion.

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Clinton learns to laugh about his past

Finally, Bill Clinton can joke about his past. The former president cracked up a meeting Wednesday, spicing up an otherwise dry, technical talk on the need for better coordination of global relief work.

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The stupidity of secrecy

It took the staid, august National Archives, guardian of our most precious records, to elevate the suitably ludicrous expression “double super secret” into government policy.

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Can we survive three more years?

Bush should admit some of his more egregious mistakes (the game plan for Iraq was based on bad assumptions, for instance); step up his legislative demands and congressional leadership; clean out some of his more contentious Cabinet members, and throw himself on the mercy of the people, who over the history of this country have shown themselves to be very forgiving. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen either, leaving us to ponder how he and we can survive the nearly three years remaining until he returns to Crawford, Texas, permanently.

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