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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How low can he go?

President George W. Bush’s free fall in approval ratings by American voters means more trouble for Republicans and more hope for Democrats as the midterm election approach in November.

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Did White House help jam phone calls in election?

Republican officials describe the two-dozen calls to the White House around Election Day 2002 as normal conversations about a close Senate race in New Hampshire. Democrats have suggested in a court filing that another subject was discussed: a GOP scheme that jammed phone lines to keep state Democrats from being encouraged to vote. The phone-jamming operation has led to three federal convictions and a pending indictment. Prosecutors have not raised questions in court about the White House conversations — but records of the calls were available to them as criminal court exhibits.

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‘You don’t cross George Bush’

In 1999, while I worked on a background piece on Harris County, Texas, judge Robert Eckels, some Houston politicians invited me to a fund-raising reception for then governor George W. Bush. Bush, already mentioned as a front-runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2000, easily won a second term as governor the year before by building a very un-Republican like coalition of Hispanics and moderates. Bush sipped a bottle of Corona as he walked among well-to-do Texans at the outdoor event, slapping some on the back. He approached and stuck out his hand. “I’m George Bush,” he said.  The handshake, quick and limp, lacked any warmth or sincerity. The plastic smile looked phony. He moved on.

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Army misses recruiting goal — again

Halfway through the fiscal 2006 recruiting year, the U.S. Army has netted 737 fewer new soldiers than at this point last year, when it went on to miss its annual recruiting goal for the first time since 1999.

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The good old days on Hippie Hill

Three days after we moved into our San Francisco apartment, we discovered a girl living in the hall closet. The address was 2233 Sutter St., in the Fillmore district. The girl was Sharon, and, apparently, she came with the place. The time was spring 1967. Damn near anything could happen.

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Too many college grads, too few jobs

In the process of making college not only a necessity but also about the only avenue left to achieve even part of the American dream, we are without question overeducating a large number of very ordinary minds who are then too expensive for the common jobs. If that sounds outrageously elitist, so be it. Increasingly, this leaves us with no one to accomplish the everyday tasks of living except the thousands of immigrants, most of them illegal, who haunt the parking lots of convenience stores looking for any opportunity to make a dollar, from digging ditches to painting houses.

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Screwing with Title IX

When it comes to Title IX, the Bush administration can’t figure out if it’s pitching or catching. Most Americans associate Title IX with the incredible burst in participation rates for girls in high school, college and ultimately professional sports. Signed into law in 1972, Title IX requires colleges and universities receiving federal funding (few if any refuse all federal support) to spend equal amounts of money on men’s sports and on women’s sports.

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Feds issue E. coli warning

The federal government warned consumers Monday to take precautions cooking meat after disease detectives concluded there is a connection between 14 cases of illness caused by a dangerous strain of E. coli that has been found in seven states across the country in the last six months.

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Bush offers usual defenses for his actions

President Bush on Monday dismissed as “wild speculation” reports that his administration is weighing possible military air strikes against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. On Iraq, Bush confirmed for the first time that he authorized the release of prewar classified intelligence about Iraq three years ago in a bid to influence public debate about his decision to invade the country in March 2003.

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