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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A watershed political year for California?

Every decade or so, California experiences a watershed election year which realigns the state’s cast of politicians — bringing some careers to an end and jump-starting others — and 2006 could be one of those events.

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The Condi Rice-Jack Straw Road Show

When it came time to grab a few hours rest before landing on a secret mission in Baghdad last weekend, Condoleezza Rice insisted that Jack Straw take the bed in the private cabin in her aircraft.

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Talent is no replacement for stupidity

Young journalists, as is the case with youth generally, often regard themselves as indestructible and that aura of invincibility increases the more they survive dangerous situations. It is up to the older, wiser heads among their employers to refuse them permission to conduct certain activities and to supply them with the support that gives them the best chance of surviving. The Christian Science Monitor, which was buying Carroll’s material without providing the security and guidance she needed, should not have been. It is just that simple.

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Wanna save the economy? Cut the trade deficit

The U.S. Commerce Department reported that the 2005 current-account trade deficit was $804.9 billion, up from $668.1 billion in 2004. The current account is the broadest measure of the U.S. trade balance. In addition to trade in goods and services, it includes income received from U.S. investments abroad, less payments to foreigners on their investments in the United States.

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So many conspiracy theories, so little reality

In any event, what the conspiracy theorists won’t answer is why our government would do such a thing as 9/11 — and more to the point, if it committed this terrible crime and then, essentially, got away with it, why hasn’t it “finished” the job? Conspiracy theorists repeatedly claim that no one can answer why there are so MANY conspiracy theorists, so that alone gives their theories credence.

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The ‘culture of corruption’ is still with us

You don’t have to be a Karl Rove to know who will be most pleased by The Exterminator’s final act of auto-extermination. Certainly not the Democrats — they are losing their favorite poster boy for their campaign against “the Republican Culture of Corruption.” No, it is the Republicans — the pols and their strategists — who are so tickled that they seem incapable of suppressing their ear-to-ear grins as they skip through the Capitol’s corridors of power, gleeful over the extermination of their albatross.

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Rick Santorum’s ethical problems won’t go away

The Senate wrapped up its lobbying bill this past week, but criticisms about K Street connections are not going away any time soon for Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, whose chief Democratic opponent plans to make the issue central to his campaign over the next eight months.

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