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Saturday, June 12, 2021

FEMA wants to recover money it wasted

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will try to recoup some of the aid fraudulently or otherwise wrongly obtained by individuals or families following hurricanes that struck last year, but auditors say it was FEMA’s fault the money was wasted.

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Coping can be the best therapy

There may be something to the notion of the “merry widow” after all. Or if not “merry” — at least coping pretty darn well, often just six months after a spouse’s death. So says a study from the University of Michigan released this week.

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A ‘cure’ we can’t afford

Message to congressional Republicans: Please, no more pledges like you made at your party’s gathering in Memphis, Tenn., to get tough on federal spending. We can’t afford them.

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A nation adrift

Latest polling from the Pew Research Center shows only 1 in 3 approving of the job that President Bush is doing. The Wall Street Journal notes that its poll, showing the president’s approval at 37percent, shows the “longest sustained period below 40 percent of any president since (former President Jimmy) Carter.”

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