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Monday, December 6, 2021

Seniors grill Bush

A woman asked President Bush if he thought humans should be implanted with a computer chip containing their medical records — just like her dog. Bush got a laugh when he naively suggested car buyers know from the outset what they will pay. One man gave Bush unsolicited advice about greenhouse gases and another held his feet to the fire on nuclear proliferation.

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Follow the money

An old rule that prosecutors follow when it comes to tracking criminal activity is “follow the money.” In most cases, money is both the cause and effect of illegal activity. Same for politics.

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Claude Allen’s dirty little secret

During President Bush’s State of the Union address, Claude Allen had a coveted box seat as a guest of the first lady. He sat there with an embarrassing secret. For weeks as he worked side-by-side with Bush on policy that would be included in that Jan. 31 address, he carried the secret that was about to threaten the reputation he built during a swiftly rising career in Republican government.

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Going from bad to worse

Nearly three years ago the United States of America took the unprecedented step of invading a country that posed no immediate threat to our security, launching a war based on fabricated intelligence, false assumptions and outright lies.

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The stealth war

If you’re out driving this Sunday — to the mall, a tattoo consultation, a hair-removal appointment, a laptop upgrade — and you see large crowds of people gathered in parks and around public monuments, you might want to pull over and check out the signs and listen to the speeches.

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