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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Capitol Hill Blue founder steps down

Doug Thompson, the founder and publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, the
Internet’s oldest continually-published political news site, is
stepping down, effective immediately, to return to local journalism.

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Gonzales likes being a Bush apologist

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales heads to Capitol Hill on Monday to
defend the Bush administration’s warrantless eavesdropping program to
skeptical lawmakers from both parties. It’s a job for which the
low-key, presidential confidant has shown himself well-suited.

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Victory in Iraq still elusive

Iraqi and foreign guerrillas have proven themselves masters of
political and psychological warfare, but remain far from prevailing in
the bomb-and-run war they continue to conduct.

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So much for reform

selection of Boehner tells us that House Republicans know they have a
problem, but doesn’t tell us a lot about what they want to do about it.

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Republican Senate Chairman backs Bush’s spying

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts said Friday the
Bush administration’s domestic spying is within the president’s
inherent power under the Constitution, and he rejected criticism that
Congress was kept in the dark about it.

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Standing down

I’ve decided to stand down for a while. Take a breather. A break, if you will, from all this madness called politics.

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