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Sunday, September 19, 2021

One con too many

To use those sports cliches that pundits like to deploy when talking about politics, President George W. Bush needed to hit a home run in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night to save his sagging, corrupt Presidency. Instead, he fouled out.

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The state of an agitated union

The state of the union is fretful. President Bush acknowledged the
public’s agitated state Tuesday night when he gave voice to growing
concerns about the course of the nation he has led for five years.

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Literary license

A New Yorker
cartoon from some years ago features a man sitting on a porch, frowning
at the blank piece of paper in the typewriter in front of him. A woman
is standing next to him, holding a sandwich, and saying something like
this (I’m quoting from memory): “Here’s an idea for a story: George and
Linda live on Long Island. George sits on the porch all day, every day,
trying to think of ideas for stories. They never go anywhere or do
anything. One day, Linda goes crazy and becomes a
nympho-lesbo-killer-whore. Here’s your sandwich.”

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Profiling in a security conscious age

Profiles in society describe the characteristics of people who are
likely to behave in particular ways, and, to the extent that they are
accurate, they increase the likelihood that individuals engaging in
certain behaviors will be identified.

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Angry, skeptical Americans unimpressed with State of the Union speech

Americans reacted with skepticism and anger at President Bush’s fifth
State of the Union address Tuesday night, reflecting a national mood
that reflects serious reservations about the
controversial war in Iraq, revelations about the administration’s
secret domestic spying program, and missteps following Hurricane

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