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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A clear and present danger to America

George W. Bush, the out-of-control despot who thinks the Presidency of
the United States is a license to lie at will, wage war on a whim and break the law without recrimination, put on his “I am in charge” face Thursday
and, for all practical purposes, told anyone who thinks his powers
should be subject to review or oversight to go screw themselves.

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Pentagon wants new WMD task force

The Pentagon’s latest strategy review proposes a new military unit
that would prevent the transfer of weapons of mass destruction from
states such as North Korea and Iran to terrorist groups, The Washington
Times reported on Friday.

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The American auto industry’s self-destruction

During the 1968 presidential campaign, Democratic nominee Hubert
Humphrey walked the long assembly line at Ford’s sprawling River Rouge
plant trailed by Michigan dignitaries, Ford officials and the traveling
press. It was a surreal scene out of “Modern Times,” a cacophony of
noise and motion in what was still considered one of the wonders of the
mechanized world.

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Google flunks a big test

Google sometimes seems like half my life. I start my days looking
at Google News on the Internet, and often spend hours using the Google
search engine to learn more about subjects I am going to write about.
Little did I know I was dancing with the devil.

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