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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

An overworked military nears its breaking point

The U.S. Army, stretched too thin by George W. Bush’s wars,  cannot win
the conflict in Iraq and may reach the breaking point because of
reckless deployment by an overstretched Pentagon trying to keep up with
the administration’s reckless planning, a study by a retired Army
officer shows.

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Reid urges Bush to ‘come clean’

President Bush must
“come clean” in next week’s State of the Union speech admitting his dishonesty, his illegal actions and acknowledge
“the costs of Republican corruption,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday.

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Survival is Job One

North American car manufacturing is now ruled by the Big Six, the
original Big Three of GM, Ford and Chrysler having been joined by
foreigners Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

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A ghost town called K Street

The canyon is
deserted and motionless, except for a chill wind whipping in from the
west that is sending a few stray tumbleweeds tumbling along the valley

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