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Friday, June 18, 2021

The Book of Hypocrisy

The oh-so-self-righteous religious right wing has their sensible panties in a bunch again – this time over an irreverent NBC television series called The Book of Daniel.

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Ariel Sharon proved you could stand up to terrorism

Four years ago
this month, I visited Israel for the first time and had a meeting with
Ariel Sharon. To say his public image was unfavorable would be a gross
understatement. By contrast, Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat, the
godfather of international terrorism, had been awarded a Nobel Peace

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Did Alito belong to a racist group in college?

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito isn’t the only member of the
defunct Concerned Alumni of Princeton claiming a fuzzy memory about the
group known nationally in the 1970s for members’ resistance to
expanding female and minority admissions. On Wednesday, William A.
Rusher, an early leader of the conservative alumni group and former
publisher of the National Review magazine, said of CAP in a telephone
interview: “My memory is dim but we certainly were in no way a racist,
or homophobic or misogynist organization.”

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Everything old is new again

“Trailing its slimy length from gallery to committee room, at last
it lies stretched at full length on the floor of Congress, this
dazzling reptile.” That’s how a reporter in 1869 described lobbyists, a
group that has been wooing, advising and many say corrupting Congress
from its earliest days until the latest scandal involving disgraced
influence-peddler Jack Abramoff.

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