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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Dissecting Sam Alito

To most Americans, Samuel Alito remains as much a “stealth”
candidate for Supreme Court as he was the day that President Bush named
him to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor, the justice at the
center of a deeply divided court.

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Energy independence comes at a risk

If the United
States truly wishes something akin to energy independence, it basically
has two ways to go _ nuclear power and coal. The United States has vast
reserves of coal and, despite nearly two centuries of digging away,
many of them are in the eastern U.S. and deep underground.

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Perils of Parenthood

December’s Journal of Health and Social Behavior, published by the American Sociological Association, reported on a study that said being a parent is, well, depressing. All the stuff you’ve read about how having a family makes one happier? Forget about it.

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Yeah, it’s broke and here’s how to fix it

Republicans at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue last year tied their
own shoelaces together while tackling big ideas. Despite President
Bush’s valiant efforts, his attempt to modernize Social Security
stalled amid Democratic intransigence and GOP cowardice. Meanwhile,
greater presidential boldness might have yielded a dramatic reform of
the Tax Code. Instead, a blue-ribbon panel offered an uninspiring
mish-mash that quickly lulled the nation to sleep. And in Congress,
wholesale attempts to reign in runaway spending floundered as the
Republican appetite for pork proved strong enough to light a thousand
barbecue pits.

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