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Sunday, September 19, 2021

A few resolutions for Washington

Most resolutions are not worth much, but as we face what we all hope
and pray will be a far better year than nasty 2005 was, it’s a near
certainty what some resolutions made in Washington will be.

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Domestic spying: Be afraid. Be very afraid

The FBI, it seems, has been keeping an eye on any number of domestic
organizations that appear to have little to do with its stepped up
counterintelligence assignment — shades of Cointelpro, “Commie”
hunting, black-bag jobs, and a variety of other notorious activities
from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s that made the bureau the scourge of any
protester who might disagree with prevailing government policy in a
demonstrative fashion.

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FEMA audit highlights DHS failures

Weaknesses in FEMA’s response system during Hurricane Katrina were
just one symptom of major management challenges at the Homeland
Security Department, an internal report issued Wednesday concludes.

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A vet speaks out about Bush

Tim Abbott is a Vietnam veteran who lives in the Southwestern Virginia
town of Hillsville, a conservative, blue-collar community that tends to
vote Republican and bleed red, white and blue. But, like an increasing number of veterans, Abbott is fed up with President George W. Bush.

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