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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

NSA just one of many federal agencies spying on Americans

Spying on Americans by the super-secret National Security Agency is not
only more widespread than President George W. Bush admits but is part
of a concentrated, government-wide effort to gather and catalog
information on U.S. citizens, sources close to the administration say.

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The South is rising again

The Census bureau’s mid-decade population estimate shows definitively that the American political center of gravity has shifted to the South and West. Those states are now as politically dominant as the Northeast and Midwest were in 1940.

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Don’t worry, be happy

As if the “war on Christmas” was not enough to darken the season, psychologists have just released data that should really make you want to spike your eggnog. A new study on happiness seems to point to the conclusion that life is inherently unfair.

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The political scandal that won’t die

How many rats does it take to spoil the holiday season for a potential boatload of lawmakers? Well, so far there have been two and now it looks like the king rodent in a burgeoning lobbying scandal is in the process of jumping a sinking ship.

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A few predictions for 2006

Congress stays in Republican control … the politics of scandals escalates … China-Japan tensions worsen … the economy chugs along. Those are some of the things our crystal ball sees ahead for 2006.

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Bush pardons moonshiner

President Bush has granted the lowest number of pardons of any president in 60 years, federal records show, but a one-time Tennessee moonshiner was lucky enough to be given one of them this Christmas.

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Looking for a way out

At every stop on his three-day tour of Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld sent a similar message: The U.S. military is not rushing to get out, but it is getting out, nevertheless.

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