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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Be afraid…be very afraid

At a time when their actions are under question in the fatal shooting of an airline passenger, federal air marshals will expand their work beyond airplanes, launching counterterror surveillance at trains stations and other mass transit facilities in a test program this week, according to a published report.

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Probe into DeLay’s activities expands

A Texas prosecutor has issued subpoenas for bank records and other information of a defense contractor involved in the bribery case of a California congressman as part of the investigation of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

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Another Pentagon propaganda ploy

A $400 million Pentagon psychological warfare operation includes plans to place pro-American messages in foreign media outlets without disclosing the U.S. government as the source, USAToday reported on Wednesday

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When terrorism paranoia goes too far

The reaction to the shooting death of Rigoberto Alpizar provides a sobering glimpse into America’s current obsession with keeping ourselves safe from terrorism. Alpizar was shot by federal air marshals after he ran off a plane that was about to depart from Miami to Orlando.

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