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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Is Bush rebounding?

In a round of speeches on Iraq, President Bush is combining fresh expressions of steely resolve with sobering acknowledgments of how unexpectedly hard the task has been.

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Soldiers voted, but were their votes counted?

More U.S. troops voted in the 2004 election than ever before, according to a new Pentagon study. But critics say that the report by the Federal Voting Assistance Program sheds little light on the most important question: How many of their votes were actually counted?

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Uncle’s money, Uncle’s rules

If you take their money, you have to play their game. It’s just that simple, and Congress has made that clear on several occasions to the nation’s universities. They are about to hear it again from the U.S. Supreme Court if those who follow the justices’ decision process are correct.

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Iraq’s vote may make or break Bush

Iraq’s parliamentary elections may well be a make-or-break point for President Bush’s troubled postwar rebuilding policy, about which he has finally conceded there were errors and miscalculations.

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Their real God is money

It’s interesting how, in the end, it all comes down to money. Assorted “Christian fundamentalists” such as Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed, not to mention many other Washington power brokers, turn out to a large extent to be fanatical worshippers of Mammon. In America’s most intense money lust since perhaps the Gilded Age, high-level public-sector work in Washington is increasingly seen as simply another way to strike it rich. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff may be the J.P. Morgan of this world.

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High hopes, high risks

From the perspective of President Bush and his top aides, this week’s parliamentary elections for a permanent Iraqi government mark another milestone in the country’s inexorable march toward becoming a beacon of democracy and self-rule in the Middle East.

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Congress races to resolve ‘nagging issues’

As Congress races to finish its work before Christmas, members this week will focus on resolving their differences on some of the most controversial issues debated this year _ from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the $50 billion budget-cutting package to a measure intended to create uniform standards for questioning suspected terrorists.

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