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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Americans no longer buy Bush’s lies

If you read the polls released after President George W. Bush’s laughable attempt to recapture support for his failed war in Iraq you realize the American people may be smarter than originally thought.

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Old habits can still kill New Orleans

Politicians in the Big Easy should not undervalue two finite resources: first, the goodwill of Americans and their federal representatives, and second, taxpayer dollars. Maintaining the former boosts the odds of seeing the latter.

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Redefining ‘victory’

What exactly are we trying to do in Iraq? What does the “victory” President Bush is constantly extolling really mean? Does it mean just crushing violent dissent and bringing Western-style democracy to a nation and region where dictatorial rule, often theocratic, has been the norm for 2,000 years?

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Timeline shows massive screw-ups

This timeline is based partly on assertions by Rep. Curt Weldon and five military intelligence officers who say they participated in Able Danger. Pentagon officials have corroborated some of the assertions, declined to comment on others, and denied others:

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