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Friday, September 17, 2021

Liberal ad against Alito: True as far as it goes

A mostly liberal group’s ad says  Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito made a ruling “to make it easier for corporations to discriminate” and also “voted to approve the strip search of a 10-year-old girl.” As is often the case with 30-second ads, there’s more to it than that.

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Consumers wary this holiday season

High winter heating bills, plus $3-a-gallon gasoline last summer, have shoppers vowing to hold the line on holiday spending, but consumers’ best-laid plans usually go awry in the season of giving.

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The Cheney factor

Pitfalls surrounding the war in Iraq have turned perhaps the most experienced and influential vice president in American history into something of a political albatross for President Bush and Republican lawmakers, and a legal liability to himself.

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The abortion thing

Then-House Speaker John McCormack came out of his Capitol office one day, took me by the arm and led me aside to comment on the loss of a an important ally in the midterm elections. “It was the abortion thing,” the wise old Massachusetts Democrat said. “It’s going to become a nasty issue before it’s over and it’s going to change the political landscape.” He shook his head and added: “It is something that government should stay out of.”

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Prince Dubya’s flaws

Not since he ascended to the throne has the Prince’s looking-glass approach to politics been in sharper focus than during the past week. On two fronts, jingoism trumped true patriotism, lies trumped truth, excuses trumped apologies, bravado and swagger trumped reality.

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