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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bush’s betrayal

Many words, none of them complimentary, describe the failed presidency of George W. Bush: Incompetent, immoral, illegal, deceptive, duplicitous, dumb, stupid, or corrupt. The list is endless. But the word that best describes Bush and his five years in office is betrayal, because above all he and the party he represents have betrayed just about everyone in sight.

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Bridge to disaster

Congressional Republicans, already running scared, decided that the notorious “bridge to nowhere” was a bridge too far. It had become a public and all-too-visible symbol of their spendthrift ways and House GOP members complained that they were taking a lot of flak about the bridge from the folks back home.

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Too many lies, too few secrets

Is there any active reporter inside the Beltway who didn’t know that former Ambassador Joe Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA? It appears to have been the worst-kept secret in Washington.

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The loan sharks are circling

Lenders who take title to cash-strapped customers’ cars for short-term loans that charge up to 300 percent annual interest are taking advantage of weak state laws and loopholes, a new lending practice survey concludes.

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America’s parks are going to pot

Mexican drug cartels, finding it increasingly difficult to smuggle their product across the southern border, are using remote areas in several national parks, primarily in California, to grow marijuana, she and others told Congress. And proceeds from that lucrative trade are invested in methamphetamine labs and cocaine-processing plants, resulting in an illicit multibillion-dollar business.

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