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Friday, September 17, 2021

War By The Numbers

Two thousand. Nice round number. Not-so-nice tragic one. The death toll for American military personnel in the Iraq war reached 2,000 this week.

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The Peter Principle at Work

One of the myths of our legal system is that lawyers know “the law.” This is true only in a very loose sense. Before coming to Washington with President Bush, Miers spent her career doing a moderate amount of corporate litigation and a great deal of law firm and bar-related administration. There is little in her background that would lead one to expect that she knows much of anything about the sorts of legal issues that dominate the Supreme Court’s docket.

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Cheney’s Dirty Little Secret

In the top right corner of The New York Times front-page — where the biggest news happens daily — a news scoop has placed Vice President Cheney atop the CIA leak scandal pyramid.

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How Much Flu Vaccine? Who Knows?

Even as federal health authorities lifted recommended restrictions on who should be in line for flu shots Monday, their estimates wavered for how much vaccine will be available this fall.

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Failed Nominees: A Rare Breed

Withdrawing the nomination of a Supreme Court choice is rare. Of the 150 individuals called upon to fill a seat on the nation’s highest court, 28 have failed. Many, like Bork, didn’t gain Senate confirmation. Only seven names have been withdrawn.

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