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Friday, June 25, 2021

Losing America

A friend walked away the other day, fed up he said with my position on the war in Iraq. It’s not the first time war has ruined a friendship. I doubt it will be the last.

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A War America Cannot Afford to Lose

America’s at war. And not just in the craggy mountains of Afghanistan and windswept deserts of Iraq. Here at home, we’re fighting an equally fierce war against destitution with our children on the front lines.

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Saving FEMA

It is painfully obvious to everyone who is paying attention and even to some who aren’t, apparently including President Bush, that the Federal Emergency Management Administration is broken and may be unfixable under the its current profile. It is frightening to consider what might occur after the kind of terrorist attack we have been contemplating since Sept. 11, 2001.

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Failing to Make the Sale

President Bush appears to be making little headway in attempting to sell the Supreme Court nomination of White House aide Harriet Miers to skeptical conservatives. Indeed, their initial reservations seem to be hardening into opposition.

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An Agency in Turmoil

It’s the second-largest law-enforcement agency in the U.S. government, a mammoth operation that bills itself as a vital bulwark against terrorists and illegal immigrants.

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Scandals Haunt Bush

President Bush frequently says he has “a lot of work to do” during his last three years in office, but a slew of unexpected controversies is keeping him from sticking with the agenda he had set.

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