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Monday, June 21, 2021

Government by Temper Tantrum

President George W. Bush’s temper tantrums are on the rise with White House insiders reporting increasing tongue-lashing of staffers, obscenity-filled outbursts and a leader driven to the edge by what he sees as party disloyalty and a country that no longer trusts him.

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The Return of Sexism

Gentlemen, let the meltdown begin. It’s tape-off-the-mouth time in Washington. The Bush administration has so successfully reversed women’s advancement that elite Good Ol’ Boys who make their living telling other conservatives how to think no longer find it politically incorrect to publicly display sexist attitudes.

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A Stalled Agenda

The GOP didn’t count on a string of events that would set its ambitious plans on end. Costs ballooned in Iraq, and many Americans turned against the war. Hurricanes devastated the Gulf Coast. Two vacancies sprang up on the Supreme Court, and the president’s second nominee has landed with a thud. A probe into a CIA leak is shaking the White House’s top political adviser, Karl Rove. A probe into a stock sale is shaking Senate Republican leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. And criminal indictments in a campaign finance case forced Tom DeLay of Texas, the House GOP leader, to step aside from his leadership post.

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Political Hacks in The White House

The fading furor over former FEMA chief Michael Brown and the fresh consternation over President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers have reignited an age-old American debate over cronyism in the White House.

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GOP’s Season of Discontent

It’s hard to tell which is more irritating for conservatives less than a year after they savored Republican election triumphs of 2004: President Bush’s latest pick for the Supreme Court or his high-dollar pledge for recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

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