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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Diversity Can Be a Disservice

For the president to deliberately choose a woman for the sake of choosing a woman, one with no judicial pedigree or outstanding credentials (other than that she’s a friend of the president), to actually have the fact that she’s not an outstanding jurist be a point in her favor in the public square _ isn’t a “step forward” for anyone.

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Bill Bennett’s Racism

Bill Bennett, author of the 1993 best seller “The Book of Virtues,” and long-time nemesis of the Hispanic community, is back in the news. Now he is broadening the targets of his prejudices and sharing them out loud.

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Bush: The Comic Gift That Keeps on Giving

What a comic treasure the president has become. He is the gift that keeps on giving for cartoonists, comedians, observers of the swiftly passing scene. Garry Trudeau, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart — all must look skyward now and then to say, “Thank you, Mr. President.”

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Will the Real Harriet Miers Please Stand Up?

At first blush, President Bush seems to have nominated for the Supreme Court the female equivalent of Justice David Souter, a never-married question mark whose record is like the current confirmation atmosphere — utterly unpredictable.

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Katrina’s Poor Face a Long, Tough Road Back

Once they tap out their FEMA debit cards and abandon their temporary shelters, Gulf Coast residents who were living in poverty before Hurricane Katrina obliterated their homes and livelihoods face a daunting challenge: starting over with even less.

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