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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fear Factor Looms Large on Capitol Hill

With DeLay indicted and Senate Leader Bill Frist under investigation for questionable stock sales, Republicans fear a “domino effect” with other GOP members with questionable ethics coming under increasing scrutiny.

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A Terrorist By Any Other Name

The elite media fastidiously avoid such harsh words as “terrorist” — even to describe those who, last week, rounded up five Iraqi teachers from outside their school, dragged them into a classroom, lined them up against a wall and shot them to death.

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OK, Now What?

The technical problem endemic to all antiwar demonstrations is that once you’ve said “Stop the war!,” you’ve pretty much exhausted your message, and there are still several hours left to fill in the demonstration.

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Backdooring the Bible Into Classrooms

A group called the Bible Literacy Project is unveiling a 392-page textbook Thursday entitled “The Bible and Its Influence,” which its members hope will be embraced by English, history and social studies teachers and form the basis of elective high school courses across the country.

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So Much For Wanting to Be President

By unloading some stock this year, Senate Republican leader Bill Frist may pay a high price: He has drawn a Securities Exchange Commission investigation that could damage his burgeoning presidential aspirations.

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