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Sunday, September 26, 2021

The FBI’s Porn-Again Stupidity

A small army of new recruits to the FBI thought they were signing on to fight terrorism only to find out that their superiors are more interested in old-fashioned crime, including adult pornography, than in heading off another 9/11. At least, that’s the way it seems.

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The New Louisiana Purchase

The early estimates of the costs of Hurricane Katrina, before Rita added to the bill, were $150 billion to $200 billion, and President Bush assured the hurricane-ruined region that the government would spend “whatever it takes.”

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Dubya’s Fall From Favor

The once party potentate, fearless leader, slaughterer of terrorists and self-proclaimed “smoke ’em out”-er of Osama bin Laden is now persona non grata in his own Christian conservative campground, a/k/a the GOP. Can one lady, Katrina, have wreaked this much havoc and prompted rebellion? Seems so.

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Bush’s Challenge With New Court Nominee

President Bush’s apparent intention to nominate a woman or a member of a minority group to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor could make it harder for Democrats to oppose the nominee on philosophical grounds, even if Bush chose someone they regarded as “outside the mainstream” or likely to vote to restrict abortion rights.

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Frist: ‘I Didn’t Do Nuttin’ Wrong’

Senate Republican leader Bill Frist Monday defended his blind trust’s sale of stock he owned in the health care company founded by his family, saying that he and staff spent two months checking the legality and ethics of the deal before he directed the sale in June.

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Luck, Planning Paid Off

In a soggy crescent of land where wrecked homes outnumber upright power lines, Gulf Coast officials did a body count from Hurricane Rita and issued this number: two.

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