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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Time to Profile Terrorists

If we had infinite resources and time, we could scrutinize all passengers equally. But we don’t. Either we prioritize screenings on the basis of reliable data and rational risk analysis — or we kid ourselves and, sooner or later, sacrifice lives on the altar of “political correctness.”

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Nobody Won the War on Poverty

The searing images of thousands of New Orleans residents, stranded by floodwaters because they had no means to evacuate Hurricane Katrina, have exposed an abiding truth about poverty in America. Despite more than 35 years of solid economic growth and income gains, the nation’s poverty rate is no better than it was in 1968, just four years after President Johnson launched a war on poverty.

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Tax Breaks for Katrina Victims

Congress has readied more than $6 billion in temporary Katrina tax breaks for displaced families, good Samaritans and Gulf Coast businesses that hire low-income workers to get up and running again.

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Is Social Security ‘Reform’ Dead?

Beset by issues ranging from the double-barreled hurricane recovery to the occupation of Iraq, President Bush nonetheless is laying plans to proceed on the hot-button topic of Social Security reform.

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Ready for Rita?

No one can predict precisely where Hurricane Rita will slam to shore, but one thing is certain: The federal government, reeling from an ongoing pummeling for its slow and bumbling response to Hurricane Katrina, is putting on a full-court press now to prepare for the coming ‘cane.

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