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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bush’s Blank Check

President Bush has pledged a blank check for Katrina reconstruction: “It’s going to cost whatever it costs.” That’s a worthy sentiment, but, sympathy for the battered Gulf Coast aside, somebody has to be asking the hard question: How are we going to pay for all of this?

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When Religious Zealots Rule

It’s probably the most common trait among humans. We always want to tell others how to live, to set the social agenda for our friends and neighbors. That’s particularly true when religion gets into the act, which it almost always does, and becomes the guiding principle for existence, no matter how impractical and oppressive.

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Hackers Find Crime Can Pay

The motives of Internet hackers have shifted from malicious behavior to monetary gain, and the growth of online identity theft, extortion and fraud are highlighted in the semiannual Internet Security Threat Report released Monday by the California-based security firm Symantec.

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So, Who’s Next?

Now that John Roberts has sailed through his confirmation hearings, the White House, Congress and ideological activists are shifting focus to a second opening on the Supreme Court — and how President Bush should fill it.

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Katrina Screwups Date Back to 9-11

When the dust settles, investigators leading the inevitable wave of Katrina probes to come may well find that some of the debacle’s chief causes lie with other individuals and stretch back in time — to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and their emotional aftermath.

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Delay in Immigration Reform May Increase Terror Threat

Immigration reform, which had surged toward the top of the nation’s political agenda, will apparently be delayed until next year in deference to Hurricane Katrina, leaving critics of current policy concerned that the nation’s borders will remain open to potential terrorists.

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