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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Charities Overwhelmed by Donations

Call it too much of a good thing: the donations of furniture, toys and clothing — “a Mount Everest” of clothes at the Salvation Army alone — filling warehouses, truck trailers and even churches as people comb their homes for castaway items to send to those who lost everything in the storm.

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Bush’s Rash Racism Rhetoric

Permitting himself to give credence to the notion that black poverty of recent years in New Orleans reflects racial discrimination and lack of opportunity was anything but an act of compassion toward blacks. He is either uninformed, which of course is troubling, or willing to bury truth for political ends, which is also troubling.

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Another Lie From The Bush Administration?

After nearly 14 years in the Senate, Patty Murray thought she had seen just about everything. But the Washington Democrat said she had never been lied to by a cabinet secretary until Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt broke a promise and again delayed a final decision on whether to allow over-the-counter sales of a morning-after contraceptive known as Plan B.

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In You Insure It, They Will Pay

Hurricane Katrina is virtually certain to become the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history, but the companies that insure the homes, businesses and automobiles say they are not worried.

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Monument to Excess

Another year, and a few more millions of taxpayer money thrown into the bunker that is supposed to be the U.S. Capitol’s new underground Visitor Center.

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