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Friday, September 17, 2021

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Many people want to blame President Bush for the disaster in New Orleans. The president was slow to react, but by the time the disaster had landed in his lap, the failure of Louisiana officials had already been decisive.

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So, What’s Wrong With Columbus?

Last week, the capital city threw together a place for more than 300 evacuees from the Astrodome only to learn that, when the thousands encamped there were asked how many wanted to come to Columbus, only seven raised their hands.

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Reforming FEMA

Even before the staggering problems in bringing relief to New Orleans were exposed, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was one of Washington’s favorite whipping boys and perennial target of political scorn and derision.

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Roberts Avoids Specifics

In a third day of Senate confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts put his foot down as Democrats pressed him for his views on hot-button issues, saying his personal beliefs will not shape his rulings if he is confirmed as chief justice, and that discussing his ideology would amount to a “bargaining process” that would undermine the independence of the judiciary.

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