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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Time to Rebuild a Great City

With rescue and evacuation nearly complete and the broth being sucked out of the bowl of toxic soup, it’s time to stop the finger pointing and the politicizing and start thinking about how to rebuild New Orleans.

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Time for Solutions, Not Scapegoats

Well, just when you thought Michael Brown was too inept to manage a two-car funeral, he was smart enough to understand that he couldn’t go back to overseeing the Federal Emergency Management Agency after being removed from directing relief efforts in New Orleans.

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Mike Brown’s Fall

In just two short weeks, Brown went from being a little-known bureaucrat to a national punching bag — a target for news commentators and late-night comedians.

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New FEMA Boss: The ‘Duct Tape’ Guy

If President George W. Bush thought appointment of new Federal Emergency Management Agency director David Paulison would end criticism of the agency’s questionable leadership he could find that thought buried under a mountain of duct tape.

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