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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Everything New Is Old Again

Preservation, the journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, ran an essay in its September/October issue that summarizes how professionals in the field view preservation today.

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Listening to Your Neighbors Die

For three days, Glen Williams sat on his rooftop in New Orleans, watching the water lap at the eaves and listening to unimaginable sounds in his once quiet, close-knit neighborhood.

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Saving the Four-Legged Refugees

On the run last week out of a city sinking beneath floodwaters, a man spotted a sight by the side of the road that tugged at his heart. A female cat and four kittens nested amidst some rubble, destined to die if left behind.

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Bush Blew It

What Bush has said after Hurricane Katrina, now recognized as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, has attracted criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike. While his words after 9/11 provided confidence, his statements after the disaster that has befallen New Orleans and other areas have given little solace.

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Floodwaters Contaminated at Extreme Levels

Floodwaters in New Orleans contain levels of sewage-related bacteria that are at least 10 times higher than acceptable safety limits, endangering rescue workers and remaining residents who even walk in it, federal officials said Wednesday.

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