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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A Monument to Disaster

When all the post-mortems over the incredible FUBAR called local, state and federal response to the Hurricane Katrina tragedy publish their last word, one sad fact will remain: You can’t protect people with giant federal bureaucracies.

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Time to Take the Blame

President Bush insists that now is not the time for finger-pointing and blame, but it certainly is and most of the finger-pointing and blame for the slow-motion federal response to Hurricane Katrina is being directed at Michael Brown, the hapless head of FEMA whose only apparent qualification for the job was a wise choice of college roommate.

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Trying to Avoid the Finger

The eye of Hurricane Katrina apparently is still swirling 1,088 miles north-northeast of New Orleans. According to the latest Rove Radar Report warning, it is stalled ominously above 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Now the Real Challenge Begins

As rescuers bring the last of thousands stranded by Hurricane Katrina to safety, officials in Louisiana and Mississippi face different challenges in recovering the dead.

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