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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Whistleblower Plans Lawsuit

A former top U.S. Army procurement official who raised concerns about Halliburton Co.’s contracts in Iraq plans to sue the Army after being demoted, her lawyer said on Monday.

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Java Jive

We’re surely oversimplifying, but there seems to be a field of medical research that specializes in finding that certain pleasures — a couple of glasses of wine, for example — once thought to be bad for you turn out in actuality to be good for you.

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Say What?

Linguists are squabbling — linguists do a lot of that — over the origins of human language, and one of the bits of evidence they’re batting back and forth is a fascinating gene called FOXP2.

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Bush Screwed Up

Rather than cite Tammy Pruett as an example to offset the equally as politically motivated anti-war movement led by Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan, it would have been far better for the president to have taken the opportunity to announce that he was ordering at least some of her sons out of the war zone even if they are a part of the same National Guard unit.

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A State With Convictions

Wild, wonderful West Virginia, a land of steep mountains and untamed waters, has gained some publicity over the years as a pleasant place for hunters, coal miners and, more recently, federal convicts.

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Big Easy Avoids Worst Case Scenario

Waves of computer-model projections and dire warnings of Hurricane Katrina’s path and potential destruction preceded the storm for days, but a slight jog to the north and a little shot of cool air kept the “worst-case scenario” out of New Orleans on Monday.

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Walter Reed Hospital Becomes Another Antiwar Battleground

Since spring, long before an angry mom named Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside President Bush’s Texas ranch, anti-war activists have been holding vigils outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Friday nights, when many soldiers and their families venture off-campus for steak dinners.

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