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Thursday, December 2, 2021


Last night I literally pulled the plug on the TV sets, the videogames, the kids’ computer. The arguments, the fighting, the obsessions over it all were just too much for me. There’s one of me and four of them. I decided to even the odds a bit. It’s all gone. The cable service has been stopped, which gave me great pleasure in and of itself. That bill alone was ridiculous. (“Oh, Mrs. Hart, you can move up to our premium service for just this much more, and for that much more you can add this other channel.” … I too often did.)

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Polar Ice Could Melt by 2040

Global warming could melt summer Arctic sea ice by the end of the century, scientists say, making for an ice-free North Pole for the first time in more than a million years.

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Chafee Feels the Heat

On a dead-end street pinched between T.F. Green Airport and the Amtrak rail line, Sen. Lincoln Chafee squints into the sun as he looks over a field of overgrown grass and rusting trucks, the kind of fenced-off wasteland where mobsters might dump a body in a movie.

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Base Closing War Far From Over

Although the Base Realignment and Closure Commission is wrapping up its voting on the fate of hundreds of military facilities nationwide, more steps remain before the civic nail-biting can finally come to an end.

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