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Friday, June 25, 2021

Gas Prices Ain’t The Real Story

It’s the minimal effect of these higher oil prices that is so annoying to doomsaying politicians and journalists. The single best indicator of an economy’s performance, GDP, the output of all goods and services, is currently about 3.5 percent, and it’s not slowing. It’s accelerating.

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Reason Enough for the Death Penalty

Just when one begins to believe the death penalty serves no useful purpose and should be abolished lest more innocent people die than we suspect already have, along comes some mutant whose head should have been pinched off at birth.

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Should the Feds Regulate Cock Fighting?

Animal protection advocates are pressing Congress to increase penalties for interstate commerce involving cockfighting, a blood sport that continues to be widespread even though it is banned in most of the country.

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States Fight to Keep Guard Bases Open

Governors across the country will have one eye on a Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday, where a lawsuit that would prevent the Pentagon from closing Air National Guard facilities gets its first official hearing.

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At a Crossroads in Iraq

The Pentagon expects to begin significantly drawing down the number of U.S. forces in Iraq by the middle of next year even as it prepares “worst case” contingency plans to maintain troop levels for the next four years.

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