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Friday, September 17, 2021

Protesting Mom Won’t Quit

Undaunted by counter rallies and even a neighbor’s gunshot blasts into the air, a woman whose son died in Iraq said she will continue her anti-war demonstration near President Bush’s ranch for three more weeks.

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The Gaza Con-Game

What precisely are the Israelis leaving behind? One of the most impoverished and densely populated places on earth. Israel captured Gaza from the Egyptians in the 1967 war, and it says something about Gaza that when the two nations signed a peace treaty, Egypt didn’t want it back.

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Can Death Take a Holiday?

Can a terminally ill person consciously delay his or her death beyond a particular date — to cling to life, no matter how tenuously, until, say, a grandchild’s impending college graduation? Or to observe a special day, such as one’s birthday or wedding anniversary, or a revered religious or secular occasion?

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The Real Tragedy

The best antidote for AIDS, or any other disease, is prosperity. Wealth makes health. It is no accident that Africa is home to the other two global epidemics, tuberculosis and malaria. Even if deaths from the three were erased tomorrow, another scourge would flourish in Africa, where the infrastructure of prevention and cure — communication, education, roads, clean water, clinics, good health workers, and a diligent bureaucracy — is pitifully lacking.

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