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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Is GWB Another LBJ?

For those who covered the White House in the ’60s, the similarities between Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush seem to be growing daily — with, of course, one exception: Johnson became a lame-duck president by choice while Bush legally can’t seek re-election.

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DeLay Crony Charged With Fraud

A Washington lobbyist who is a central figure in investigations involving House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was charged on Thursday with defrauding two lenders of $60 million to buy a casino cruise line.

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Oh Well…

I have the uneasy feeling that I failed to make the cut for a really cool group, the New York Times’ Influentials. They have some kind of discreet identifying lapel pin, a secret handshake and private parties I am not invited to. I can’t prove this, but I know it.

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Forget Military Doublespeak: Women Are Fighting and Dying in Iraq

She busted down doors of Iraqi arms dealers in house-to-house raids in Fallujah. She seized caches of weapons and took prisoners. She fired her machine gun from a Humvee and was shot at while wearing the uniform of the United States military. She still can’t hear thunder without thinking of incoming mortar fire. But the Department of Defense won’t say Sgt. Maria Freudigmann was in combat.

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