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Monday, September 27, 2021

FCC Hires Anti-Porn Zealot

An outspoken anti-pornography zealot has been hired by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to advise the agency on consumer issues involving the cable and broadcast industry, which has been under scrutiny for airing racy material.

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Montana Senator Under Fire

The Montana Democratic Party — aided by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — is airing a television ad criticizing Republican Sen. Conrad Burns for his dealings with a GOP lobbyist who is under federal investigation.

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Glad to Be Getting Old

We’re turning 60 now, a bunch of my friends and I. We tried to hold it off. We tried to stop at 35, then 40, then 45. It’s all a matter of attitude, we said.

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When Fear Takes Over

Why is the strongest nation in the world — a country with an economy larger than its next five competitors combined — scared about the takeover of a truly minuscule American firm?

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When the NRA Runs Amuck

The messianic NRA, flush from winning Senate passage freeing gun manufacturers from damage suits stemming from criminal misuse of firearms, is now taking on petroleum giant ConocoPhillips for its safe and sane gun policy. In the process, it has announced a nationwide campaign for its members to boycott the company’s Phillips 66 gasoline stations and other outlets.

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Farewell Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings never did get to say farewell to his longstanding audience at the time of his choosing, a right he had earned after 22 years as the anchor for ABC’s “World News Tonight,” 11 of those years as the ratings leader.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

The use of Indian nicknames is a long and, even though today we might find it awkward, not dishonorable American tradition. The rebellious Bostonians who hastened the cause of independence by throwing the Boston Tea Party dressed up as Indians — Mohawks, it was said — both for disguise and to appropriate vicariously the qualities of courage and resourcefulness they attributed to the Indians.

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