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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Defining Hate

There is a big difference between hate and concern, between patriotism and partisanship, between love of country and blind, destructive allegiance to a political party, belief or ideological position.

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Highway Bill Throws $100 Million at Bike Trails

Four communities will soon share $100 million in federal funds to develop bicycle and pedestrian trails aimed at enticing commuters to give up their cars to get to work, thanks to lawmakers involved in the final negotiations on the recently passed highway bill.

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Bush Drags Religion Into Government

President Bush’s call for schools to discuss “intelligent design” alongside evolution is the latest shot in a long-standing war between religion and secularism in the United States in which religion now seems to be making broad advances.

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The Real Skinny

We seem to be watching a horror show of too thin Hollywood actresses. Or at least that would be the observation of anyone who even skims the tabloids, talk shows or People Magazine.

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