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Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Hunka Hunka Burning Pork

If anyone can cut through all the excrement spewing out of Washington nowadays, will they please remind those who lead Congress and occupy the White House that, at one time in their sordid history, they promised to curb government spending and bring fiscal responsibility to our government?

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John Bolton: Damaged Goods

Top Senate Democrats on Sunday derided President Bush’s embattled nominee for U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, as “damaged goods” and warned that his expected appointment without Senate confirmation cast doubt on U.S. credibility.

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The Dangers of Hoarding

A man trapped for two days beneath a fallen stack of newspapers in New York City; a Virginia woman’s home overrun with 500 cats; a Florida man discovered with dozens of vipers in his house — these are just three recent cases that have drawn national attention to the dangers of hoarding.

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Demonizing Those We Dislike

There is far too much apocalyptic talk in our country today, some coming straight from the White House and Capitol Hill. The word ‘evil’ is tossed around like a ball in a game. Nations and world leaders the current administration dislikes are referred to as the Axis of Evil. Demons are everywhere, it seems, the way communists once were.

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